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Special Events for Lectures Week

We will have a few special events the week of Lectures: Minister’s Lunch* Tuesday, March 19 at 12:30pm Maritime Christian... Read More →

KT Norris Lectures

We are looking forward to having Dr. Mark Scott from Ozark Christian College as our speaker for the 2019 KT... Read More →

Welcome to Maritime Christian College

Maritime Christian College has been training people for ministry through higher education since 1960. In the beginning, MCC trained a small group of preachers to lead in the Church. Now, MCC offers nine different bachelors, masters, associate and certificate programs to train all kinds of people for all kinds of vocational and volunteer ministry roles.

MCC is committed to providing strong post-secondary education at an affordable rate in addition to numerous bursaries and scholarships, all so that students can graduate from MCC with minimal debt. MCC classes usually consist of 10 or less students, which allows great interaction between professors and students as well as closer connections between classmates. Graduates of MCC leave ready to impact their churches, local communities, this country and the world in the name of Jesus.

Developing Christian leaders who transform their world!

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