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Church Directory.

The following is a list of Restoration Movement Churches of Christ/Christian Churches in the Maritimes and Ontario who have given permission to place their information on our website.

Central Christian Church

Minister: Callum Beck

Mailing Address: 167 Hillsborough Street, Charlottetown, PE  C1A 4W8

Physical Address: 223 Kent Street, Charlottetown

Phone: 902-894-5234

              Callum: 902-213-5212

Fax: 902-894-5233




Central Street Christian Church

 Minister:  Robbie Sevilla

Address: 83 Central Street, Summerside, PE C1N 3L2

Phone: 902-436-2662



Connection Point Christian Church

Minister: Dale Eynon

Minister: David Rayner

Chair of Board of Elders: Bob Crockett

Mailing Address: c/o Recording Secretary, Roger Hickox, 156 Mount Edward Road, Charlottetown, PE  C1A 5T2

Physical Address: Meet in the Steel Building, Campus of UPEI

Phone: 902-894-9222



Cornwall Christian Church

Minister: Mike Burns

Physical Address: 371 Trans Canada Highway, Cornwall

Mailing Address: PO Box 209, Cornwall, PE  C0A 1H0

Phone: 902-566-2906



Greenmount Church of Christ

Minister: Gordon Weatherby

Physical Address: 40 O’Rourke Road, Greenmount

Mailing Address: c/o Leonard Rayner, RR#1, Tignish, PE C0B 2B0

Phone: 902-853-2536


Montague Church of Christ

Senior Minister: Stephen Vessey

Physical Address: 513 Main St. North, Montague

Mailing Address: PO Box 701, Montague, PE  C0A 1R0

Phone: 902-838-4064



Murray Harbour Church of Christ

Minister: Victor McCullough

Physical Address: 1821 Cape Bear Rd, Murray Harbour

Mailing Address:  1818 Cape Bear Road, Murray Harbour, PE  C0A 1V0

Phone: office 902-962-2884

              Victor/home – 902-962-2714

Fax: 902-962-2406 Att: Church of Christ


Missions: Josie MacKay – 902-962-2811

New Glasgow Christian Church

Minister: Tim Edwards

Physical Address: 617 Route 258, New Glasgow, PE C0A 1N0

Phone: 902-964-2742

O’Leary Church of Christ

Minister: Gordon Weatherby

Address: PO Box 246, 399 Main Street, O’Leary, PE C0B 1V0

Phone: 902-859-3214

Fax: 902-859-2012


Sherwood Christian Church

Minister:  Ben Foreman

Address: 9 Lilac Avenue, Charlottetown, PE  C1A 6L1

Phone: 902-892-7958



Missions: James Nicholson c/o the church

South Lake Christian Church

Minister: Alec Scott

Physical Address:  31 Elmira Road, Souris

Mailing Address: 3055 East Point Road, Souris, PE  C0A 2B0

Phone: 902-357-2753

Email: Alec –


Missions: Sharon Ching

True North Christian Church

Minister:  Matt McGonnell

Physical Address:  Benevolent Irish Society, 582 North River Road, Charlottetown, PE

Mailing Address:  65 Parkway Dr, Charlottetown, PE C1E 2M3

Phone:  (902) 393-7601

Email: General Inquires –

             Matt –


Back Bay Church of Christ

Minister: Conrad Cline

Address: 955 Route 172, Back Bay, NB E5C 1X7

Phone: Cell – 506-754-5133

               Home – 506-747-2055



Burtt’s Corner Christian Church

Minister: Dan Foreman

Address: 1021 Route 104, Burtt’s Corner, NB  E2L 2E6

Phone: Dan-office – 506-363-5272



Douglas Ave Christian Church

See – The Harbour

Fredericton Christian Church

Minister: Jason McVicar

Physical Address: 103 Bloor Street, Fredericton

Mailing Address: PO Box 671, Station A, Fredericton, NB E3B 5A6



Garnett Settlement Christian Church

Minister: Paul Stewart

Elder: Ron Cook – phone – 506-696-4595

Address: 661 Route 825, Garnett Settlement, NB  E2S 1T9

Phone: 506-696-6537

Fax: 506-696-6368


Missions: Jean Collins – phone – 506-696-6973

Leonardville Church of Christ

Minister: Jonathan C Hatt

Address: 1813 Route 772, Leonardville, NB E5V 1L5

Phone: 506-396-1451


L’Etete Church of Christ


Physical Address: 32 Mascarene Road, L’Etete

Mailing Address: 938 Mascarene Road, Caithness, NB  E5C 2T1

Phone: Office – 506-755-8099


Lord’s Cove Church of Christ

Minister: Jonathan Hatt

Address: 227 Route 772, Lord’s Cove, NB E5V 1J1

Phone: 506-747-2993


Missions: Glenn Cox

Nauwigewauk Christian Church

Minister: Ron Henderson

Physical Address: 9 Fraser Brook Road, Nauwigewauk

Mailing Address: 9 Fraser Brook Rd, Nauwigewauk NB E5N 6W2


The Church of Christ at St. George

Minister: David Haddon

Address: 71 Carleton Street Ext, St. George, NB E5C 3B9

Phone: 506-755-2820


The Harbour Christian Church

Worship Pastor: Braden Jones

Address: 85 Durham Street, Saint John NB E2K 1V6

Phone: 506-652-4330



Halifax Christian Church

Minister: Greg Nicholson

Associate Minister: James Stevenson

Children’s Ministry Director: B.J. Nooyen

Discipleship Director: Peter Bowyer

Address: 51 Farnham Gate Road, Halifax, NS B3M 3T6

Phone: office – 902-445-4318

              home/Greg – 902-445-2837

Email: Greg –

             James –

             B.J. –

            Peter –


Missions: Heather Stewart –

South Range Christian Church

Minister: Interim minister- Terrell Sine

Physical Address: 3901 Sissiboo Road, South Range

Mailing Address: c/o Bruce & Beth White, 4250 Sissiboo Rd, RR#1, Barton, Digby Co. NS B0W 1H0

Phone: Church – 902-837-5003

Fax: 902-245-2203

Elder: Bruce White.


Missions: Faye Grant

Southville Church of Christ

Physical Address: 808 Langford Rd, Weymouth

Mailing Address: c/0 Roxanne Mullen, RR#4 Weymouth, NS B0W 3T0

Phone: 902-837-4635

Missions Contact: Debbie Hankinson, PO Box 235, Weymouth, NS B0W 3T0;

West Gore Disciple Church

Minister: Rev. A. R. ‘Gus’ MacDonald

Address: 1000 Hwy 202, West Gore, NS  B0N 1P0

Phone: 902-632-2748


Westport Church of Christ

Minister: Craig Glavin

Physical Address: Wesport, NS

Mailing Address: 97 Water St.

Weymouth Church of Christ

Minister: Darrell Haines

Mailing Address: PO Box 335, Weymouth, NS  B0W 3T0

Physical Address: 4914 Highway #1, Weymouth

Phone: 902-837-5506

Fax: 902-837-7408 (Att: Steven Barr)



Missions: Leota Lewis c/o the church

Grand Valley Church of Christ

Minister: Andy Parisien

Address:  50 Amaranth Street East, Grand Valley, ON  L9W 5L2

Phone: Church – 519-928-3333

               Andy – 416-988-7885

               Donna – 416-879-6727

Email: Andy

             Donna (wife):


Keele Street Christian Church

Minister: Grant MacDonald

Minister: Jose Fernandes

Address: 97 Annette Street, Toronto, ON M6P 1N7

Phone: 416-767-8911



Missions Contact: Grant MacDonald

Mountain View Christian Church

Minister: Scott Jacobsen

Address: 118 Limeridge Road East, Hamilton, ON  L9A 2S3

Phone: 905-575-1544

Fax: 905-575-0259



Other: Noah’s Ark Children’s Centre (Daycare) –

Selkirk Christian Chapel

Lead Pastor: Jim Midgett

Associate Pastor: Gerald Tyrrell

Address: PO Box 39, 20 Erie St N, Selkirk, ON  N0A 1P0

Phone: 905-776-2144


             Jim –

            Gerald –


Westway Christian Church

Lead Pastor: Edmund Lucido

Address: 6 Kilburn Place, Etobicoke, ON, M9R 2X5


We are a church whose mission is to “help our neighbors to find their way back to God.”

Together, our vision is to “Love God first & foremost, Grow in love with one another and Serve our world.”

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