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$   5,760       tuition (32 hours @ $180 per semester hour)

$   3,000       dorm room ($1,500 per semester)

$   4,735       student fees (Ministry/Mission Weekends, student activities and UPEI Sports Centre)

$13,495       Canadian (does not include books and personal items)  

We offer one year of Greek every three years. 
The purpose of college accreditation is to ensure that a school is able to achieve its stated objectives. Accreditation usually ensures that courses from one institution can be transferred to another. The catch is that not all courses do transfer due to the other school’s policies, i.e. they want you to take classes from their institution.  

At Maritime Christian College we prepare students for ministry within local congregations. Our mandate is special in that the goal of this school is not to train doctors or accountants, but ministers and Christian educators. MCC is not an accredited school. But we are one of only two degree granting institutions on Prince Edward Island, the other institution being the University of Prince Edward Island. Therefore, many courses offered here at MCC may or may not transfer to other secular institutions due to our specific focus on the Bible.  

As for MCC’s courses transferring to other Bible colleges, that is dependant upon the other institution’s policies. MCC does have agreements with other institutions. Graduates of MCC are accepted at Cincinnati and Lincoln Christian Universities in the United States. Most Bible based graduate schools are accepting of Bible college graduates.  

Maritime Christian College specializes in its education. Christian Churches and Churches of Christ across Canada and the United States accept Bible college graduates for job positions!


Did you know…

…MCC is one of only two degree granting institutions on Prince Edward Island! See page 20 of the University Act –

Maritime Christian College welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of physical origin (ethnic, national, or racial), skin color, gender, political affiliation, age, marital status, family relationship, or handicap. As a faith-based institution, Maritime Christian College makes one exception to a student’s background: religious belief and affiliation. Maritime Christian College expects its students to adhere in both good conscience and good faith to its statement of faith. Students are expected to agree with and to this statement of faith, derived directly from Maritime Christian College’s fourth By-Law. 

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