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Fees & Policy.


Credit:  $540 per 3 semester hour class

Audit:  $270 per 3 semester hour class

Seniors Audit:  $135 per 3 semester hour class

Cost for one school year (full-time) including residence and student fees:

$13,495     Canadian (does not include books and personal items, International students may be required to pay an additional fee) 

  • $ 5,760       tuition (32 hours @ $180 per semester hour)
  • $ 3,000       dorm room ($1,500 per semester)
  • $ 4,735       student fees (Ministry/Mission Weekends, travel, student activities and UPEI Sports Centre)
Room Rental: MCC Student $1,500/ semester + $200 security deposit
Dates: – August 1 – Last day to Reserve Room In Residence
– September 3, 2019 – Residence Opens for the 1st Semester
– December 14, 2019 – Residence Closes for the Christmas Break
– January 3, 2020 – Residence Opens for the 2nd Semester
– May 9, 2020 – Residence Closes for the Year

Note: Special permission must be granted for early arrival or late departure. Please contact Maritime Christian College for more information.

Students and other individuals who request rooms MUST pay, in advance, the full rental fees, including the security fee, for the ensuing semester. Occupancy will not be granted until these payments have been made.

Any resident of the College dormitory, who may wish to cancel their rental agreement will FORFEIT their rental fees. The security fee shall be refunded if the room is left in the required condition.

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