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K. T. Norris Lectures.

Each year in March, the College hosts a series of lectures. These lectures began when the College was established and in 1980 became known as the Kenneth T. Norris Lectureship. The Lectureship provides an opportunity for the students, friends and supporters of the College to hear some of the most outstanding speakers from the fellowship of the Christian Churches or Churches of Christ in North America.

The week of the Lectureship is always a highlight, it is an action-packed and event-filled week with both morning and evening lectures. Friendships are made and renewed and the time of study and learning creates excitement which proves to be, for many, the spiritual apex of their year.

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KT Norris Lectures 2020

March 10-13, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Les Hardin, Johnson University Florida


See the full playlist of 2020 KT Norris Lectures videos on our YouTube channel

Morning Session Discussion Questions – PDF file



Tuesday AM – Praying Like Jesus: The Shema

Wednesday AM Praying Like Paul: The Gospel                     

Thursday AM – From Egypt to Ephesus:  A Brief History of Prayer   

Friday AM – Prayer in our Worship: A Theology of the Hymns of Revelation  


Tuesday PM – The Parable of the Idiotic Farmer

Wednesday PM – The Grace that Nullifies: A Parable

Thursday PM – The Parable of the Coming Crisis

Friday PM – The Parable of the Stupid Contractor

Biography – Dr. Les Hardin



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KT Norris Lectures 2019


March 19-22, 2019

Dr. Mark Scott, Ozark Christian College

To view videos click the links below or see the full playlist on our YouTube channel

Tuesday AM – Part 1 – Miracles: Did They Happen in This World? (The Apologetic Issue)

Tuesday AM – Part 2 – Miracles: Are They Unique to This World? (The Cultural Issue)

Tuesday PM – He Masters the Sea (Mark 4:35-41)

Wednesday AM – Part 1 – Miracles: Terminology and the Bible’s Love/Hate Relationship with Them (The Linguistic Issue)

Wednesday AM – Part 2 – Miracles: Their Varied Purposes (The Functional Issue)

Wednesday PM – He Restores to Wholeness (Luke 5:12-16)

Thursday AM – Part 1 – Miracles: The Language of Salvation (The Salvific Issue)

Thursday AM – Part 2 – Miracles: Every Category of Reality (The Categorical Issue)

Thursday PM – He Delivers from Evil (Mark 5:1-20)

Friday AM – Part 1 – Miracles: Elements Within/Gospel Distinctives (The Rhetorical Issue)

Friday AM – Part 2 – Miracles: The Greatest One of All (The Easter Issue)

Friday PM – He Speaks Our Name (John 20:1-18)

Biography – Dr. Mark Scott – click here

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Psalms: The Touchstone of Scripture

March 6-9, 2018

Jeff Faull, Church at Mt Gilead in Mooresville, Indiana

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Handouts for Morning Sessions
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Jeff Faull is a preacher from a family of preachers. He is in his 30th year as the Sr. Minister of the Church at Mt Gilead in Mooresville, Indiana. He is a graduate of Cincinnati Christian University and of Summit Theological Seminary. Jeff is also the co-founder and former director of The National Preaching Summit, an organization that promotes preaching excellence. He has been blessed with opportunities to preach and lecture on preaching in multiple places and venues around the globe. He recently concluded 14 years as a Contributing Editor for Christian Standard magazine. He and his wife Valerie have three children and three grandsons.

2016 – Rejoicing in Christ: Ongoing Spiritual Formation

Dr. J.K. Jones Jr., Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Eastview Christian Church, Normal, IL and Director of M.A. in Spiritual Formation, Hargrove School, Eastview Campus

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Biography – J.K. Jones

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2015  – GRACE AND TRUTH – Mike Kellett & Gordon Dasher, White’s Ferry Road Church, West Monroe, LA

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