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Master’s Program.


MCC’s MAR program is designed specifically for the student who is involved in a located ministry, or who wishes to prepare for such a ministry while working professionally.  In order to accommodate this type of student, MCC has set up week intensive courses: one in the fall, one in the spring and one in the summer.  Completing all 10 courses requires three to four years, including the Capstone Project. 

Students who have earned an undergraduate BA from a faith-based institution can transfer their two Biblical language credits and their Old and New Testament survey credits into MCC’s MAR program.  Additional research preparation is required once an adviser has been selected.  Incoming students who do not have two Biblical language credits or Old and New Testament survey credits must complete the required number of credits before the completion of their MAR program.  Students needing these required credits must complete them from a recognized institution, but may be done through any format such as:  correspondence, independent study or distance education, which may affect the time required to complete the program.

The program consists of forty five semester hours.


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