MCC Operations and Planning RE Covid 19

April 2, 2020

To the Students, Faculty, Staff, and Supporters of Maritime Christian College:

The past three weeks have seen unprecedented efforts enacted around the world to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our population.  Like other educational institutions, Maritime Christian College has had to adjust its programming and student support to respond to public health directives.  We have cancelled in-person classes for the rest of the semester and have gone with online delivery of the classes.  All students from MCC and UPEI who were renting dorm rooms at our campus, and who are Canadian citizens, were requested to return to their homes. Some of the international students have returned to their home countries as well. Rent will be refunded to these residents for the last month of school.  We have closed our campus to the public and faculty and staff are working from home.

After consultation with our faculty and staff, I am announcing that we have decided to cancel our May 9 Graduation ceremony.  We will schedule our Graduation celebration in early September.  Students who were to receive degrees will still be awarded those in May.

At Maritime Christian College, we have been very blessed to have students, faculty, and staff respond with such flexibility, calmness, and compassion to others during the stressful upheaval of the past three weeks.  I know that many of you, our supporters, have also had your personal lives greatly upset, and I deeply appreciate that despite this, you have continued your prayers and financial support of MCC.  Our plans for fall 2020 that I have mentioned over the past few months remain intact and we are excited by the prospect to be able to share more details in the coming weeks.  I pray that our Christian example of not being fearful when difficult challenges come along will be an example to all who have not yet become a disciple of Jesus.

Your fellow servant in Christ,

Richard Jones

Chief Operating Officer

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