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Rules & Guidelines for Residency.

Maritime Christian College operates and supervises the apartments and single student dorm rooms found in the facility.  The reason for existence is, first of all, for MCC students but it should be remembered that not all the residents are necessarily students at MCC.  All residents are expected to abide by the applicable following regulations.

Maritime Christian College

Rules and Guidelines

Maritime Christian College operates and supervises the dorm rooms and apartment found in the facility.  The reason for existence is, first of all, for MCC students.  All MCC students are required to live in residence.  Exception is made for the mature student (23 years or older) or those living with a parent or guardian.  Dorm rooms are also rented (as available) to students from other post-secondary institutions.  Residents are expected to show concern and respect for all others in the facility; and to abide by the applicable following regulations.  During the school year residence is for students only; during the summer we may rent to others.


In order to be eligible for residence, applicants must be a full-time MCC student, or provide proof that they are currently attending school full-time at one of the post-secondary institutions on PEI.  Part-time students may be considered for residency at the discretion of the Building Supervisor.

Any non-MCC students who wish to live in residence must fill out a “Non-MCC Application for Residency” form or a “Short Term Rental Agreement.”  Applicants are expected to apply for residency a minimum of one month prior to the date they hope to move in.  An application may be requested by contacting the Building Supervisor.   A copy of a student’s application will be returned to them, along with notice of whether they have been approved or denied for residency.

Specific room requests will be taken into consideration, but are not guaranteed.  Residents are required to occupy the room and bed assigned to them.  Residents are not permitted to occupy any other room as their personal space.

The Application for Residency is an 8 month contract from September to April.  All room payments must be made on or before the date residence opens.  Residents are charged a $200.00 security deposit.  The deposit is refundable only when the resident vacates the room, if the room is left clean and in order, and all keys are returned.

MCC reserves the right to:

  • Refuse a rental application without cause
  • Refuse renewal of a rental without cause
  • Cancel or suspend resident privileges at any time
  • Reassign residents to another room for reasons it deems appropriate
  • Evict residents for failure to pay fees and other costs related to the accommodations
  • Evict residents for misconduct behavior, as described below



Moving In

Residents are required to provide an expected arrival time for moving into MCC, within a two hour period (example: “I will arrive between 10am and 12pm”).  MCC staff reserves the right to approve or deny the requested move in time.

On arrival, a Residence Staff Team (RST) member will be there to welcome new residents.  The resident will be shown to their room, where they will be given a key to their room and the building’s front door, and given a room inspection.  The room inspection card will list the condition of the room to assess for damage when moving out.  The room inspection card must be signed by the resident.

Late Arrival

Residents who do not arrive within the agreed upon time will be charged a Late Arrival fee of $50, and may not gain access to the building at the time of their arrival.  Residents can avoid the Late Arrival fee by informing the Building Supervisor a minimum of two hours prior to the agreed upon arrival time.


Residence is closed during the Christmas vacation period, as listed on the College’s Master Calendar.  Move out extensions may be extended, although not guaranteed, to those who request one by December 1.  At move out time, residents must leave their room key and front door key with the RA or Building Supervisor, and take any personal possessions they require for vacation period.  Keys can be retrieved at the end of the Christmas vacation period.


Residence will open on the date listed on the College’s Master Calendar.  At this time the Building Supervisor will return their key.  Keys cannot be picked up prior to this date, except in special circumstances, approved by the Building Supervisor ahead of time.

Moving Out

Residents must be moved out by 11am on the last day of their rental agreement.

  • To be moved out you must:
    • Remove all belongings from your room, fridge and freezer space, and cupboard
    • Remove all garbage, sort, and place in proper bins on residence floors
    • Leave your room in a clean and orderly fashion
    • Return your keys to the Building Supervisor
    • Have a room inspection card completed and signed with the Building Supervisor.
  • Residents will not be considered moved out until all the above steps are completed.
  • All bills and fees are required to be settled prior to moving out.
  • Residents must ensure to change their mailing address with all institutions.

Late Move Out 

Residents who do not move out by 11:00am will incur a $50 Late Move Out fee for the day.  An additional $50 fee will be charged for that night if the resident is not moved out by 4:00pm.  Subsequent charges will be made for any additional days and nights.

Leaving or Evicted Before End of Contract

If you leave or are evicted before the end of your 8 month the contract:

  • If you leave or are evicted in September 50% of the rental fee for the school year will be charged.
  • If you leave or are evicted during October to December 75% of the rental fee for the school year will be charged.
  • If you leave or are evicted during January to April 100% of the rental fee for the school year will be charged.
  • If you are evicted and remain beyond the eviction date you will be charged $50 per night in addition to the regular room rental fees.


To receive a complete damage deposit refund, residents are to thoroughly clean their dorm room.  All personal possessions are to be removed, the floor swept, and the sink cleaned out.  All garbage must be sorted and placed in the proper bins on the residence floor.  Damage deposits will be mailed approximately two weeks after move out, therefore residents are to leave a new mailing address with the Building Supervisor.

Summer/Short-Term Rental Extensions

Short term rental residents may request an extension of their move out date.  Extension requests require a new rental agreement to be filled out with the new dates of the rental period.  Short term rentals are defined as a renting period of thirty-one days or less.  Any resident requesting a rental period that extends their stay to thirty-two days, or more, are required to complete a “Non-MCC Application for Residency” form, submit references, and submit a damage deposit at least one week in advance.  The College reserves the right to refuse renewing a short term resident’s rental agreement without cause.



The Residence Staff Team is made up of one full-time employee, the Building Supervisor, and second to fourth year students known as resident assistants (RAs).

The RAs are familiar with the College’s facilities and services.  They are here to help other residents with matters concerning residence, to establish a safe and enjoyable atmosphere, and to enforce College rules.  The RAs are the residents’ first point of contact regarding issues of residence.

Resident Assistants are responsible for:

  • Enforcing the rules and guidelines set out in the current student handbook.
  • Handling minor infractions with the residents
  • Overseeing the coordination of residence devotions for MCC residents
  • Assisting in security
  • Overseeing monthly room checks
  • Overseeing requests for maintenance and repair
  • Handling general student questions and needs

For day-to-day inquiries and concerns, residents should contact their RA.  If an issue requires the Building Supervisor’s immediate attention, residents can reach them by:


Residents are expected to cooperate with reasonable requests from College staff members.  A neglect to adhere with requests, or verbal and/or physical abuse aimed at staff members will be reason for disciplinary action and immediate eviction from residence.  Residents are expected to use respectful behavior towards all staff members.  Not complying, misguiding, and providing false information to staff will result in disciplinary action or eviction.



General complaints should be made to Resident Assistants.  If a complaint cannot be resolved, a written complaint should be delivered to the Building Supervisor, placed in their mailbox, or emailed to  The Building Supervisor will attempt to resolve the existing complaints.


The College is grateful to all those who have given generously of their time and money so that this facility could be purchased and maintained.  Therefore all students and residents are encouraged to treat it with respect so that it will remain serviceable well into the future.

The property consists of:

  • 20 single occupancy dorm rooms
  • One double occupancy dorm room
  • One single bedroom apartment
  • One guest suite
  • An elevator
  • A shared student kitchen with assigned cupboard and fridge space
  • A shared freezer
  • A common lounge and dining area on the first floor
  • A bathroom on each floor
  • Free parking
  • Coin-operated laundry on the first floor
  • Security cameras positioned throughout the building
  • Secure access and on-site staff during evening, weekends and holidays
  • A backyard
  • A deck on the second floor

Each dorm room contains:

  • A single-sized bed
  • A sink
  • A medicine cabinet and mirror
  • A desk and chair
  • A side table
  • A closet
  • A built in dresser
  • Wireless internet access


General Guidelines

  1. Students and residents are to enter the facility through the main entrance. The facility will be open on weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm during the school year and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm during the summer.
  2. All activities that require use of the facility beyond regular activities should first be cleared through the Building Supervisor.
  3. Students and residents may use the photocopier in the Chapel. All full-time students will be assigned a user number by the Receptionist.  The rate is $0.10 per black and white   Students will be billed once each semester.  Part-time students and residents can request a user number from the Receptionist.
  4. Cooperation is required in regulating the temperature of the building. This requires common sense in not leaving windows open for extended periods of time during the winter months.
  5. Closets on the fourth floor are not for student use.
  6. There is to be no loitering in the hallways during the day or at night.
  7. Showing affection should always reflect Christian values.  Be considerate of others.
  8. Residents are not allowed to baby-sit children on the college premises.
  9. In the event of a storm, the President of MCC will make and communicate a decision regarding cancellation or delayed start at or before 7AM by posting on Facebook and Twitter and contacting radio stations 105.5, 100.3, and 96.1. Decisions will be rendered independent of Holland College and/or UPEI closings, (but will likely coincide).


Physical Appearance

Students and residents are required to maintain appropriate dress while at the College, which reflects respect toward their own person and toward God.

Residents are required to dress appropriately and wear footwear when in any area outside of their dorm room.  Pajamas and night clothing should be worn only on resident floors.  With the popularity of body piercing today, MCC asks students to limit piercing to the ears.  The College expects residents to monitor their own dress, however it will be drawn to their attention if something inappropriate is worn.  Residents who are not properly attired will be asked to leave and change.

MCC students who are not properly attired will be asked to leave class and change.  Second and third time offenses will result in an absence reduction of final grades.  Students who are representing the College at events should maintain a high level of dress as this reflects upon themselves and the school.


Off-Limit Areas

There are areas, equipment and material of the College that are prohibited from residents to enter, tamper with, or use, unless designated by staff.  Residents violating this rule will face disciplinary action and may face eviction.

Areas and property prohibited to residents include, but are not limited to:

  • The front reception office
  • The staff kitchen
  • The furnace room
  • The elevator maintenance room
  • Offices
  • Sealed storage closets
  • Backyard shed
  • The side entrance and staircase

Some College property is designated for a specific room and purpose.  Removing objects from their room is prohibited without staff authorization.  Damaged items or items missing from their designated location will be charged to residents’ accounts.

Items prohibited from tampering with or removing from designated areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Dishes
  • Cooking utensils
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Classroom tables and chairs
  • Bathroom closet equipment and supplies
  • Bathroom supplies
  • Chapel tables and chairs
  • Ceiling lights
  • Phones
  • Projectors
  • Power bars/extension cords



Maritime Christian College is unable to provide an allergen-free environment.



Office phones are not to be used by students or residents, except in the case of an emergency. Student/resident messages received by the Receptionist will be left in student/resident mailboxes.  A phone may be obtained from the Receptionist for College related activities.  The following phones are for student/resident use:

  • female lounge area – 902-628-8887 ext. 259
  • male lounge area – 902-628- 8887 ext. 260
  • common lounge area – 902-628-8887 ext. 234.

Emergency numbers and staff numbers are posted with the phones and on bulletin boards in dorm rooms.  Telephones are for local use only.  Instructions for use are found on each phone.



Maritime Christian College provides wireless internet access to students and residents on the MCCStudent network.  The password for the network is: fb1e3dvd47a.  The password is not to be given out to the public.  All residents are expected to use their discretion in what sites are visited.

Please Note:   The College staff have the ability and reserve the right to view specific IP addresses and the sites they visit.


Laundry Facilities

The College offers coin operated washers and dryers.  The laundry room is located on the first floor, next to the library.  The washers run for 45 minutes, and the dryers run for an hour.  Hanging racks, irons, and ironing boards are provided and free for use.  Residents are expected to be considerate of others’ need for the facility, be aware of the time, and remove laundry as soon as possible.

Maintenance & Repair

Residents should report needs for maintenance in their room, and immediate needs around the building.  They can report it to the front desk, to the RA, by phone at 902-916-3442, or by emailing


Waste Watch

MCC adheres to the Waste Watch Program that governs all of PEI.  This is a material separation program that all residents of PEI are expected to comply with.  A garbage bin has been placed in every dorm room for convenience.  Residents should clean their garbage out regularly to reduce smells from food and fruit flies.  When removing garbage from their room, residents are required to sort their waste into the appropriately labeled cans on their floor, and to use the sorting guide posted above the cans.  Failure to do so may result in a $75 fee.  Garbage bins are not to be removed from the rooms or floors, or used for alternate purposes.  Doing so may result in the loss of the garbage bin.


Some “wear and tear” on the furniture, appliances, and facilities is expected, within reason.  However, there are actions, activities, neglect, and/or accidents which may cause preventable damage.

Residents and guests are responsible for individual damage done within their room and the rest of the property.  Residents will be held responsible for any damages incurred by visitors.  Any damage, repair, replacement, and/or cleaning fees will be assessed accordingly.  Fees are posted in the appropriate areas.  Any student, resident, or guest causing damage to college property accidentally or on purpose will be responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement.

Any damages or mess that occurs in shared areas, and cannot be accredited to specific individuals, will be shared among the residents of the floor, apartment, or entire residence.  Charges will be applied to the appropriate individual(s), floor(s), or the entire residence depending on the type of repair or clean up required.


Students, residents, and  staff members are responsible for their behavior at all times, and during all manner of communications, including but not limited to electronic formats such as email, social media, internet use and downloads.

Sharing a living space with other residents can be a challenge.  Open and polite communication is encouraged with other residents on issues of guests, noise level, and the cleanliness of shared spaces like bathrooms, lounges and the kitchen.  Residents are encouraged to work to resolve issues amongst themselves.  All are expected to:

  • Adhere to the above mentioned responsibilities
  • Recognize that anger, alcohol or substance abuse, or ignorance will not be accepted as admissible reasons or excuses for misconduct
  • Be intentional to divert, diffuse, and resolve residence issues
  • Aid the Residence Staff Team as required


Residence Rights & Responsibilities

Residents have a right to:

  • A clean and safe environment
  • Privacy
  • Host visitors during appropriate hours, with the expectation of respecting fellow residents’ rights
  • Have a written copy of MCC’s rules and policies
  • Respect for personal effects
  • A reasonably quiet environment
  • Expect the rules to be enforced fairly
  • Accessibility to proper staff for required assistance
  • Fair conduct when a resident’s actions are in question
  • An atmosphere free from harassment, intimidation, and hostility, including any action or words that degrades one’s dignity and respect
  • Confidentiality from the Residence Staff Team of a resident’s personal information and conduct (unless there is a perceived threat of harm to themselves or others, at which time a staff member may contact family members or a professional to get involved)

Residents have a responsibility to:

  • Respect the rights of fellow residents
  • Comply with all rules and policies
  • Comply with reasonable requests from the RST or other College staff
  • Respect the privacy of other residents
  • Behave respectfully towards others, and address conflict in a peaceful and mature way
  • Comply with all municipal, provincial, and national laws and statutes
  • Check and empty one’s assigned mailbox on a regular basis
  • Ensure the safety of their personal property, and restrict belongings to their room or assigned storage
  • Make room payments on schedule
  • Accept responsibility for visitors
  • Report abuse and infringement of rules and policies to the RST
  • Report maintenance and repair issues to the RST




Residents are approved for up to three visitors at any one time.  All visitors must leave before 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday.  Friday and Saturday this time is extended to 12:00 am.

Overnight guests must be approved by the Building Supervisor.  A $25 fee per night will be charged based upon room availability. The resident who asks for this privilege is responsible for their guest.  Permission will not be given for anyone to sleep over in the common lounge, the girls lounge or the boys lounge.  If unregistered guests are discovered, they will be escorted from the premise, and the resident will be charged the nightly fee.

A guest or visitor is any person who is a non-resident of Maritime Christian College.  Any person that is invited to, escorted on, or admitted to college property is considered a visitor or guest of that resident.  Any uninvited persons on the third or fourth floor, or in other shared residence spaces is trespassing.  Residents have the right to ask uninvited visitors to leave the property.  The Residence Staff Team are permitted to ask any guests or visitors to leave.  An overnight guest is any individual in residence after 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday that time is extended to 12:00 am.

Residents are responsible to make guests aware of all rules and policies.  Hosts are not excused from a guest’s actions whether they were present, condoned it, or were unaware.




Dorm rooms are designated for either males or females, and are to be used as such; there will be no visiting of the opposite sex in rooms.  Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate dismissal from Maritime Christian College.


Residents are expected to keep their rooms tidy and clean.  MCC reserves the right to do room inspections on all rooms at random by a faculty/staff member and a resident assistant.  Stricter attention will be given to the common areas than the dorm rooms, but all rooms and apartments will be checked for neatness, cleanliness, needs for repair, etc.

Failure to keep a room up to standards given at the residents’ meeting will result in warnings and penalties:

  • If poor or not acceptable is checked; the resident will have one day to have the room up to standard. The room will be checked the following day
  • If not acceptable after the second check, it will be rechecked with both the RA and a faculty/staff member in three days
  • If the room is not clean after the third check, a cleaning fee of $50 will be added to the bill
  • If this situation recurs a second time during the semester; the cleaning fee will be increased to $75

All residents are expected to do the following:

  • Keep the room neat & tidy
  • Use the garbage bin solely for garbage, and empty it regularly
  • Keep walls and other room surfaces clean
  • Clean sink after use
  • Keep personal belongings off the floor and neatly put away

Room Entry

The RA, Building Supervisor, College staff, or another designate are permitted to enter a resident’s room without advance warning under the following circumstances:

  • As ordered by the RCMP, Charlottetown Police Department, or Charlottetown Fire department
  • If there is reason to believe a person’s life is in danger, or a threat to himself/herself
  • To complete a regular room inspection
  • To complete maintenance or repair
  • To check if a bed/room is occupied, or to prepare a bed/room for a new resident
  • To complete a lock change
  • To protect College property, like in the case of fire, smoke, or flooding
  • To turn off an alarm or stereo, or close a window in an unoccupied room. This could be done as a  result of a complaint from another resident
  • If there is reason to believe a criminal offense is in progress
  • If there is reason to believe any of the described rules and policies are being violated


Personal Belongings

Residents are responsible for their own belongings.  MCC will not be liable for the loss of or damage to personal belongings of residents or guests due to fire, theft, flooding, malicious damage, or by any other cause.  MCC advises residents to be sure to possess sufficient tenant insurance.



Each room is equipped with its own radiator.  The plastic knob may be used to adjust how much heat is released into the room.  The looser the knob is on the thread, the more open the radiator is to release heat into the room.


If a resident’s room becomes too warm or stuffy, they may open the window in their dorm room.  It’s expected that residents use good judgment in when, how long a period, and how wide they open their window.  During snow and rainy weather, their windows should be closed to prevent damage to the room.


Electrical Plugs

Occasionally the breaker may get tripped for a dorm room.  If this occurs, please see the Building Supervisor.


Light Bulbs

The College provides light bulbs for the dorm rooms.  If a room’s light bulb burns out, the resident should make a maintenance request.

Bulletin Boards

Residents are to use their bulletin board or magnetic white board for items needing to be displayed, and sticky tack or 3M Command hooks for anything else.


Each room is provided with necessary furniture.  No items are permitted to be removed from the room without written consent from the Building Supervisor.  Residents are to treat everything with gentleness and care, and are expected to limit how much furniture is moved around the room.  Damaged furniture will be replaced and charged to the resident’s account.

Mattress Covers

The dorm rooms are supplied a fitted mattress cover with the bed.  Residents must place an additional fitted sheet of their own over the cover, but are forbidden from removing the provided cover.  When washing bedding, the resident may wash the cover with their own items.  If a resident’s mattress cover is missing, or not on the mattress, they may be charged a fee to their account.


Residents will be issued a key to the front entrance and their own room.  These keys are not to be duplicated.  Residents found with keys to the facility other than those issued by the College will be asked to find other accommodations.  Keys are for resident use only.  A fee of $185 will be charged to replace any keys.


Locked Out

If a resident is locked out of their room, they are to contact the RA or Building Supervisor to unlock the door for them.  The door will be unlocked as time and staff allow.  If it becomes a habit, a fee may be established.

Rent Includes

Rent of a dorm room includes: parking, wireless internet access, cable in the common lounge, electricity, heat, local phone, fridge and freezer space, and an assigned kitchen cupboard.

Please Note:  Residents are not permitted to sublet their dorm room or the apartment.

Things to Bring

Here is a list of suggested items to bring to make the stay in residence comfortable, and which are not provided by the College:

  • Pillow(s)
  • Single-sized bed sheets
  • Comforter/duvet cover/quilt
  • Alarm clock
  • Slippers
  • Sticky tack or 3M Command hooks
  • Hair dryer
  • Towel(s)
  • Lamp
  • Headache & cold medication
  • Clothes hangers
  • Toiletry items
  • Laundry detergent




Common areas are spaces shared with students, staff, and other residents, and so encompasses any area on the College property that is not a resident’s dorm room.

Cleanliness and care of the facilities are the responsibility of both residents and staff.  In order to fulfill its responsibilities, MCC reserves the right to regularly inspect all residence areas.  Advance warning, when possible, and other reasonable measures will be taken in exercising this right.  Residents have a responsibility of cleanliness and order not only to their assigned room, but also to:

  • The bathrooms
  • The common lounge
  • The boys lounge
  • The girls lounge
  • The student kitchen


Student Kitchen

Current MCC students and residents, and their guests, are the only authorized persons who may use the student kitchen facility.  The chapel kitchen is for faculty/staff use only.

The student kitchen is a shared space among all residents living in dorm rooms.  This makes it a regular and common place of contention between individuals.  The College encourages residents to be considerate of others they share the kitchen with.  All residents are responsible for maintaining kitchen cleanliness.

General rules of the kitchen for each resident:

  • There is no cooking after 10:00 pm, and the kitchen must be clean by 11:00 pm
  • Clean up any mess made from cooking or using the kitchen
  • Dishes must be washed, dried, and put away immediately after eating (Dishes are not allowed to be left out to air dry)
  • Food and personal belongings are not permitted on the counter (Appliances that do not fit into a personal cupboard excluded)
  • Taking or tampering with another’s food is theft

All residents will be included in a weekly cleaning schedule as created by the Building Supervisor and enforced by the Resident Assistant.  Cleaning supplies can be found in the cupboard underneath the sink.  A resident who does not comply with the cleaning schedule may receive a verbal warning on the first offense, a written warning on the second offense, and a $30 cleaning fee with written notice on subsequent offenses.

Nightly cleaning of the kitchen also includes ensuring the orderliness of the common lounge.  The person in charge of cleaning the kitchen for the night is to:

  • Have it cleaned by 11:00 pm
  • Wipe down the table(s)
  • Wipe down all counter spaces
  • Wipe down the sinks
  • Wipe off the oven surfaces
  • Wipe out the inside of the microwave
  • Wipe down college appliances
  • Sweep
  • Collect any dishes and garbage from common lounge
  • Reorder furniture to its appropriate place
  • Check off and sign a Nightly Cleaning Form

Residents who fail to comply with these rules will be subject to disciplinary action.


Toiletries may not be kept in bathrooms.

If needed, cleaning supplies are found underneath bathroom sinks.  Residents are expected to wipe down walls of showers and tubs after use, and clean sinks after use.  If a toilet or shower is clogged, residents are to make a maintenance request so it may be fixed in a timely manner.

Lounges & Floors

Dorm areas designated for males or for females are to be used as such; there will be no visiting of the opposite sex in rooms, the apartment, or on male/female floors.  Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate dismissal from Maritime Christian College.

The lounge on the first floor is for the use of all residents.  The third floor, and the lounge on the third floor are strictly for the use of boys, girls are forbidden from using them.  The fourth floor, and the lounge on the fourth floor are strictly for the use of girls, boys are forbidden from using them.

The common lounge furniture is for the use of all residents, and is to remain in the common lounge.  The same applies to the boys lounge and girls lounge.  Moving furniture to dorm rooms is prohibited.  Moving dorm room furniture into a lounge is also not permitted.  Residents will be charged for any missing or damaged furniture.

Personal belongings are not permitted to be left in any of these rooms.  Personal items left lying around will either be taken to the Lost & Found (located underneath the mailboxes), become possession of the College, or thrown out.  Those who violate this rule may be charged a cleaning fee and face disciplinary action.


Noise & Quiet Hours

A resident’s right to a quiet and peaceful atmosphere overrules other residents’ right to make noise, at all hours and days of the week.  They must be aware of fellow residents and be willing to accommodate on issues of noise.  Individuals have the right to request fellow residents to reduce noise, in situations where they are disturbed by noise while in their room or a lounge.  If the situation cannot be resolved, residents should seek out the RA to help settle it.

Quiet Hours are the hours of the day when residents are not permitted to make noise that can be heard outside of their rooms, or outside of residence.  Although complete quiet may not be possible, excessive noise is not permitted.

Quiet Hours are:  Sunday to Saturday 10:00 pm – 8:00 am

From Sunday through Thursday all common areas are closed after 11:00 pm.  Friday through Saturday the time in the common areas will be extended to 12:30 am. After 10:00 pm, residents should be especially careful with regard to noise in the hallways and respect the fact that other residents in the facility are asleep. The purpose of attending MCC is to prepare our lives to serve the Lord.  Therefore since all are here to study all students are to be in by 12:00 am during the week (Sunday – Thursday)



For the purpose of fire safety and emergencies, residents must sign out for all overnight absences and sign back in upon their return.  The sign out book can be found in the mailbox area, mailbox #31.  Failure to sign out may result in disciplinary action.


The library is reserved for study only. Quiet must be maintained at all times.

Library furnishings should be given respect, do not mar or mutilate them.  The books are for the use of all students and therefore should receive care, do not mark or underline in them.

Eating and drinking are not allowed in the library, except beverages in a no spill container.

Books must be checked out at the circulation desk (or the Reception Desk) with a Student ID Card for a three week period.  They may be renewed for another three week period if no one has requested their use. No more than ten books may be checked out by one student at a time.

Reserve books shall be under special regulations.  Some are to be used within the library only and others may be checked out within a half hour of library closing to be kept overnight. Check with library staff for the details of the reserve book policy. Reference books are meant to be for research in the library only. They must not leave the library.  If they are removed from the building, they shall be considered stolen, and, if found in your possession, a fine of $10.00 shall be imposed.

The following system of fines is now in effect: 25 cents per day for each Stack book; 25 cents per hour for each Reserve book.

All books must be returned to the library at the conclusion of the semester.  No grades or transcripts shall be issued to students who have overdue books and/or unpaid fines.

Please do not reshelve books.  Return all books to the circulation desk.

The personal libraries of the faculty are made available at their discretion to the students.  The above regulations apply to these private libraries as well.

The library hours will be as posted.


Possession, selling, or consumption of any alcoholic beverages on MCC property is a violation of College rules and is banned.   “Alcoholic beverages” describes any beverage with an alcoholic percentage.  Residents found having possessed or consumed any alcoholic beverages are subject to staff discipline and eviction from residence.  Storage of alcoholic beverages in one’s room or assigned storage will be considered in possession.


The possession, selling, or use of legal or illegal drugs on MCC property is a violation of College rules.  Storage of drugs in one’s room or assigned storage will be considered in possession.  Anyone found in possession of drugs may be subject to criminal prosecution and will be evicted from residence.


The College building and property is a completely tobacco and smoke free environment.  The use of tobacco products, the smoking of any products, and the use of e-cigarettes on college property is a violation of college rules and is banned.  Residents found using tobacco, smoking, or e-cigarette products are subject to staff discipline and eviction from residence.  As smoking causes damage to a room, extensive cleaning and restoration will be required to return it to a non-smoking condition.  Residents will be charged the cost for damage repair to the room.


Maritime Christian College has a zero tolerance policy regarding violence.  Physical abuse and aggression are not acceptable, whether it is resident to resident, resident to staff, or resident to guest/visitor.  Beyond self-defense of oneself or of another person being attacked on the property, there are no acceptable reasons or excuses for violence.  A violent act is defined as any physical act that puts an individual in danger.

Forms of violent acts include but are not limited to:

  • Punching
  • Slapping
  • Hitting
  • Pushing
  • Kicking
  • Pulling
  • Fighting
  • Threats of violence
  • Using an object as a weapon


No individual, resident, guest or visitor, is allowed to carry a weapon while on College property.  Anyone carrying an unauthorized weapon will be reported to the police, may face disciplinary action, and may be evicted from residence.



Displaying, or making available for others’ use, of pornographic material in any public room or space, or visible to others from the door of a private room, is a violation of the Criminal Code of Canada (Section 163) and is banned.

As followers of Christ in His example and teachings, we are called to honor other people as God’s children and to abstain from pornographic material (Matthew 5:28).


Although pranks can be harmless and fun, residents are advised to use discretion in doing so.  Everyone is responsible for their own behavior, and there is no excuse for harm to another or another’s property regardless of purpose.  People who participate in pranks may expect discipline.


The Building Supervisor may at times be required to request the Charlottetown Police to come to the building to establish peace, or investigate situations that allegedly involve criminal actions.

MCC reserves the right to prosecute cases in either a criminal court of law, through the College’s student discipline procedure, or both.  Confidential statements by students may be provided to the Charlottetown Police by request.


Due to fire regulations, there is to be absolutely no cooking in the single dorm rooms.  Therefore microwaves, coffee machines, refrigerators, toaster ovens, hot plates, and similar appliances are not allowed in dorm rooms.  Candles and incense are prohibited from residence.


Maritime Christian College does not allow residents to house pets on the property.


Biking, skateboarding and rollerblading is banned inside the building.



Propping an exterior door open compromises the building’s security.  This is only permitted when a resident requires the door open in order to move belongings into the College.   The resident must immediately close the door once finished bringing items inside.



Thermostats are placed around the building to help regulate the temperature for everyone’s comfort.  They are only to be adjusted by the Building Supervisor or another College staff member.  Residents and students are forbidden from adjusting or tampering with the thermostats.


Sports equipment too large to store in a dorm room may only be stored within the designated area.  Playing sports inside the kitchen, hallways, classrooms, dorm rooms, or chapel risks damage to the building and is prohibited.  The outdoor back yard property may be used for sports and recreation. The front yard and parking lot may be used outside of regular office hours.  Any damage to College or personal property will be charged to the resident accountable.  Maritime Christian College waives liability for any injury or harm sustained from any such activities on its premises.



 Tampering, interfering with, or misusing any fire safety equipment is a violation of the Criminal Code of Canada and is prohibited.  Residents found doing so may face immediate eviction, and may be charged.  Tampering includes disconnecting smoke alarms or covering them to inhibit their effectiveness.

Residents who cause fires will face disciplinary action and immediate eviction.  Residents who cause false alarms will face disciplinary action, a $150 fine, and may face eviction.

In the Case of a Fire:

  • Leave the room
  • Close the door of the room of the fire
  • Ring the nearest fire alarm
  • Alert everyone in immediate vicinity
  • Evacuate the building
  • Call 911

At the Sound of an Alarm:

  • Stay calm
  • Close windows
  • Put on appropriate clothing for outside
  • Leave lights on
  • Feel the door for heat, if cool, open door slowly
  • Leave door closed but unlocked
  • Wake residents in immediate vicinity
  • Evacuate building by the exits marked out on hallway signs (Do not use elevator)
  • Use alternate exit if fire, smoke, or heat is encountered
  • Re-enter the building only after being deemed safe by the Charlottetown Fire Department or the Building Supervisor

If a Resident Cannot Leave Their Room:

  • Keep the door closed but unlocked
  • Signal to people outside through your window and/or hang a towel or sheet out the window
  • Use a towel or sheet to seal cracks in the door
  • Stay low to the floor and await instructions



 Residents, guests and visitors must evacuate the building each time the fire alarm is sounded.  Everyone is required to leave the building immediately following a fire alarm.  Ignoring a fire alarm, and remaining inside may mean facing disciplinary action for misconduct.

Once evacuated from the building, gather at the exit of the parking lot.  Do not block fire emergency paths.  Residents are not allowed to return to the building until the firefighters deem the building safe.  Residents must follow and comply with staff instructions.



In case of a medical emergency, residents should contact a residence staff member or call 911.  During application for residency, residents are asked to make the Building Supervisor aware of any allergies, medical conditions, or health concerns.

First Aid kits have been placed on each floor of the building for minor injuries:

  • In the student kitchen on the first floor
  • In the staff kitchen on the second floor
  • Outside the boys lounge on the third floor
  • Outside the girls lounge on the fourth floor


The security of residence is everybody’s responsibility.  Any observed suspicious, dangerous, or irregular behavior, should be reported immediately to the RA or Building Supervisor.  During regular office hours, staff on the second floor will be available to respond to security issues.

There are security cameras stationed throughout the building.  Any tampering with the cameras is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.

Tampering with security equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Adjusting the placement, or angle of viewing without prior authorization
  • Placing an object over or in front of a camera, blinding it from its purpose
  • Turning out or dimming of lights to hinder a camera’s effectiveness

Residents can assist in the security of residence by:

  • Never propping open an exterior door
  • Not setting the exterior door to remain unlocked
  • Not allowing unknown people to follow you into the building
  • Reporting suspicious individuals and behavior to residence staff
  • Keeping their room locked
  • Not leaving belongings and valuables out in the open



Maritime Christian College considers non-academic behavior equally important to a resident and student’s academic life.  All students and residents must accept responsibility for their own behavior and the ramifications of their actions.  Residents are responsible for the behavior of guests and visitors, as well as their own.

The College’s aim is for residence to be an environment conducive to academic learning, a place to feel safe, have fun, and create lasting friendships.  In order to do this:

  1. All residents are expected to receive, read, understand and agree to the rules and policies in this document.
  2. Before moving in, all residents are to sign a rental agreement that expresses they have read, understood and agree with the rules and policies in this document.
  3. All residents are expected to participate in a residence meeting where the Building Supervisor will explain essential community norms, rules and policies.

Maritime Christian College (MCC) will not be responsible for damage to any property of residents, guests, or visitors.  The College is not liable for personal injury, which may occur to any resident, guest or visitor who may be upon the premises.

Residents and guests may be accountable to disciplinary actions if all above mentioned guidelines, rules, regulations, procedures and obligations are not followed.  Depending on severity, disciplinary action may include fines, probation, eviction from residence, or other such measures.

If a resident damages or destroys college property, their account will be charged the appropriate amount required to repair said damages, along with taking any other proper disciplinary actions.

In severe situations, such as those that violate the Criminal Code of Canada, the Building Supervisor or another authorized staff may forgo the disciplinary process and immediately move to evict an individual.



 The following list gives examples of negative actions and behavior considered a misconduct, which will result in disciplinary action.  The list is not exhaustive and must be interpreted broadly:

  • Violation of any rules or policies included in this document
  • Violation of any Canadian laws
  • Mischief or disruptive behavior
  • Unlawful entry or attempted entry of College property
  • Behavior that threatens another resident
  • Offensive and/or abusive language or gestures
  • Theft and/or dishonesty
  • Lack of compliance with a College staff’s directions acting in their official role
  • Deliberate assault on a College staff member, student, or fellow resident



 Any member of the Residence Staff Team or an authorized staff member may enforce one or more of the following disciplinary actions to residents for misconduct:

  • A verbal warning
  • A written warning
  • A written warning with an assigned fee, and/or a bill for any damages resulting from the misconduct

The Building Supervisor or an authorized staff member may enforce a notice of eviction to a resident for misconduct.

Please Note:  An eviction notice does not excuse a resident from paying any remaining money owed for rent, fees or other bills.  Residents are expected to settle their accounts before moving out.

The listed disciplinary actions are not extensive.  The College reserves the right to apply additional disciplinary actions for misconduct.



 The process followed by the RST in the event of misconduct is:

  1. Discuss the first violation with the offending resident and document it. A staff member will explain to the resident what exact rule or policy they have violated, check that the resident understands and will correct their behavior accordingly.  A conversation with the Building Supervisor is to be understood as a verbal warning, and the resident should correct their behavior accordingly.  If the RA discusses the infraction, they will document it and relay the information to the Building Supervisor.  A resident may also receive a written warning on their first violation.
  2. When a second offense occurs, the resident will receive a Warning of Infraction notice. The notice will include the resident’s name and what infraction has occurred.  A copy will be added to the resident’s file.  A written warning may be issued by itself, or accompanied by one of the other sanctions outlined in this process.

Please Note: The RST reserves the right to administer sanctions for unreported misconduct discovered at a later time.

  1. The Building Supervisor will investigate the reported offense before administering any disciplinary actions.
  2. Upon investigating the alleged infraction, the Building Supervisor will deliver the resident a written report of the offense, any specific information related to the incident, and potential discipline that will be administered.
  3. After receiving the written report, the resident will have reasonable time to discuss it with the Building Supervisor. All discussions will be documented, and the confidentiality of the resident respected.
  4. The Building Supervisor will record any disciplinary actions administered to the resident, have the resident sign it, deliver the resident a copy, and retain a copy for the resident’s file.
  5. The Building Supervisor will deliver a copy of the disciplinary action report to the College President.
  6. The Building Supervisor or another authorized staff may give a resident notice of eviction from MCC residence. Generally the eviction notice will include a date the resident is to move out by.  In serious circumstances of violations that require prompt action, the Building Supervisor may immediately evict the resident.
  7. If the RST member responsible for any step in this process is absent, the President may act in their place or authorize another to act in their place.
  8. For any matter that occurs during the process that are not otherwise described here, the individual responsible for the step has the authority and power to decide the actions and process that will be taken.
  9. Notice may be given by personal delivery, placed in the resident’s mailbox, or taped to their door.
  10. Notice will be considered in effect on the day of delivery.
  11. No action or process will be invalid because of irregularity or fault in form.


  1. If the RA believes that the presence of a resident, guest, or visitor is a continued threat to the safety and security of any or all other residents, they are to contact the Building Supervisor. If they are unable to immediately contact the Building Supervisor, they are to call the Charlottetown Police Department or 911.
  2. At the soonest possible time, the RA or Building Supervisor will document the incident and report it to the President.
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