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Student Life.

Spiritual Life

At Maritime Christian College, it is expected that each student who has enrolled has done so for the purpose of growing in Jesus Christ. The atmosphere is one of helping each student prepare to serve the Lord. Spiritual growth is an essential part of development in Christian servanthood. Every Wednesday, a worship service is held in the Chapel . Faculty, alumni, guest speakers and student preachers participate in this worship service and many outside the “immediate” College family make a special effort to come and share in the worship and fellowship. Each year there are several special events (prayer retreats, etc.) planned to enhance spiritual growth and a sense of class fellowship and accountability within the student body. 


Maritime Christian College desires that students abide by a Christian moral conduct as based upon the Bible. The College endeavors to keep rules to a minimum in order not to hinder student life but does expect a high moral standard to be kept by the students. We expect our students to be knowledgeable of the rules and regulations of Maritime Christian College as laid out in the Catalogue and the Student Handbook. Each student who enrolls is in effect consenting to abide by these regulations. Ignorance of and refusal to abide by the rules will lead to disciplinary action.  

Extra-Curricular Activities

The College encourages students to seek extra-curricular activities, which enhance and promote servanthood within their lives. The College will make available a faculty member to provide guidance and advice.  

University of Prince Edward Island

Our proximity to the University of Prince Edward Island allows for frequent visits to their campus. MCC has made provision with the University, which allows College students access to many of their facilities. Students are encouraged to remember that their behavior should always reflect the highest in Christian morals as they represent MCC. 

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